Push To Talk for workforce management on the field

XPTT - La piattaforma Push To Talk - geolocalizzazione e network

Good communication with the workforce leads to a good business management.

High level of communication is obtained thanks to the excellent quality of transmission in real time and a timely transfer of information.

XPTT satisfies these requirements offering a safe system as well as an easy to manage system.

XPTT consists of a web control center that receives, sends and monitors the transmissions of the workforce on the field.

The application installed on the supplied or owned smartphone, allows the connection of the operators with the control panel.

Mobile App

XPTT - La piattaforma Push To Talk - App Mobile

The XPTT app allows you to transform your smartphone into a PTT system and uses it as an enhanced walkie-talkie: geolocation, messaging, exchange and archive of files, photo and video complete the user's experience.

XPTT - La Piattaforma Pus To Talk - Portale Web

Web Portal

The qualified staff controls, supervises and interacts with the workforce through a easy-to-use Web Portal.

The Web Portal can be used without the installation of any specific software on the computers: it is sufficient to use the Chrome browser and internet connectivity, or a dedicated network, to reach the operators' smartphones.




  • Group Call
  • Private Call
  • Conversation priority
  • Call history
  • Multi-group listening
  • Archive Chats



  • Sending text messages
  • Sending files and photos
  • Reading / delivery information
  • GPS and battery information



  • Visualization of user location
  • Simplified operations
  • Custom maps
  • Alarms on geographical areas
  • Sensitive areas

Man Down

Man Down

  • Motion alert
  • Tilt alarm
  • Manual alarm
  • Telephone call and SMS to emergency numbers
  • Beacon integration
  • Alarm history


Time Tracking

  • Display start and end shift times
  • Display the user's gps position.
  • Export data to PDF, CSV, Excel

Condivisione File

File sharing

  • Sending large files for field consultation (information, check lists, provisions and much more)



  • Taking and sending photos during audio transmission and reception
  • Geolocated photos

Stream Video


  • Real-time video transmission
  • Geolocated videos

XPTT is aimed at?

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