Man Down solution for the stand-alone workers in difficulty

Applicazione Uomo a Terra - Lavoratore con Tablet

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person

— Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 3, 1948 —

Safety must be guaranteed also in the workplace, especially in case of stand-alone workers, who, due to their specific role, are exposed to a greater risk.

SafeControl is a Man Down solution able to constantly monitor the safety status of the worker who uses it: based on easily set alert values, SafeControl detects abnormalities in the posture and movement of the worker, promptly informing the relevant people, departments or entity.


SafeControl - l'applicazione Uomo a Terra - uomo con smartphone

SafeControl is a widget with the main detection function "man down" to be installed on the smartphone of the stand-alone worker, which constantly monitors the movement activities and notifies the incident with voice calls and SMS in case it encounters different values from those pre-set.

Parameters are easily configurable and relate to the movement and inclination of the worker. If the worker gets into an imminent dangerous situation, he can also manually and voluntarily activate SafeControl to request assistance.

SafeControl can also send a notification during regular time intervals to indicate that the worker is in a security situation.

SafeControl Premium

SafeControl - L'applicazione Uomo a Terra: il Portale Web - operai con il computer

The PREMIUM feature completes SafeControl with a Web Portal: in addition to sending telephone calls and SMS, the alert is visible on the map of the Operations Center.

On the Web Portal is also available the history of all alert occurred, which allows to draw conclusions regarding the safety of the working environment or the operating procedures.


Uomo a Terra

3 types of alerts

Automatic alerts related to worker's movement and inclination or manuals

SMS Message

Sending SMS

Notification of opening and closing alert via SMS up to 5 telephone numbers

Alarm Information

Alarm info

For each alert the following are reported: date and time, type of alert, position and GPS accuracy

Phone Call

Phone call

Cyclic telephone calls with handsfree up to 5 telephone numbers



Sending SMS to a phone number at a configurable time interval

Quick Access

Quick access

Widget for quick access to the sending as well as the suspension alert functions



Here it is visible the position of users in difficulty from the web supervision and control portal

Storico Allarmi

Alert history

The history of users in alert mode can be consulted from the supervision and control portal

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