The system you need in mission critical situations


Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.

— Napoleone Bonaparte—

To highlight the difference between containing a critical situation or making it degenerate into a risky situation, it is necessary to be able to make decisions: but to do so it becomes essential to transfer information quickly through effective connections.

It is therefore necessary a tool that allows to obtain the maximum awareness of the situation in the shortest time and that does not compromised in the evolution of the critical situation.

Logo MCXPTT, Tablet e Network

MCXPTT is a system that ensures the immediacy of communication services and makes it possible to decide, disclose and complete the most appropriate operational actions.

In a critical situation, MCXPTT is a system that provides maximum information, making it possible to take the right decision as well as implementing the most appropriate actions in the shortest possible time.

MCXPTTensures the effectiveness of communication services, in order to obtain the best results in a critical situation. In those cases, the connection becomes essential to decide, disseminate and complete operational tasks. If the connection is missing, it could mean that critical situations degenerate into a situation of immediate risk.

MCXPTT: the standard MCx 3GPP

MCXPTT - Mission Critical Push To Talk - 3GPP ETSI TCCA

MCXPTT meets the MCP 3GPP standard, implementing a platform that:

  • ensures interconnection and interoperability between systems;

  • respects regulations that protect common interests;

  • is safe, reliable and suitable for the objectives set by the MCx 3GPP standard;

  • is open to the connection, research and development of new technologies.
  • MCXPTT: features

    XPTT - The Push To Talk Platform - features icon

    MCXPTT, used in critical situations:

  • guarantees private, group and broadcast calls;
  • emphasizes emergency communications;
  • allows the creation of video streaming;
  • ensures the exchange of text messages, photos, files (even large ones);
  • locates users and view the entire situation on a map;
  • provides useful information: user status, GPS accuracy, battery level and charge, aggregated data to alert events, etc;
  • implements standard application server CMS, GMS features;
  • guarantees users authentication with IDMS login and KMS security
  • MCXPTT: the platform

    MCXPTT - La piattaforma per il Mission Critical - Portale Web - Computer e Tablet

    MCXPTT provides, for the use of an Android Client, application and an Operations Center both designed and optimized according to a design that guarantees ease of use and system efficiency.

    The administration web portal allows to configure every single parameter of the system in a simple way, in order to be able to satisfy any function requirement. A dedicated section of the Web portal allows access to information, data, registrations with search functions and KPIs.

    MCXPTT: Technical Data

    Supported Calls

    • Chat call with Floor Control
    • Prearranged Call
    • Manual and Auto
      Commencement Mode
    • Private Call
    • Ambient Listening
    • First To Answer
    • Private Call Callback
    • Pre-established Call
    • Broadcast Call
    • Emergency Mode

    Supported Calls

    • Chat Call with Floor Control
    • Prearranged Call
    • Private Call
    • Pre-established Call
    • Manual and Auto
      Commencement Mode

    Supported Features

    • SDS

    For further information, please send an email or fill the following form.

    MCXPTT: Aimed at

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